Happy People


Good Morning Happy People!

Yes, that’s YOU if you are Freelancing. Ed Gandia, Co-founder of The International Freelancers Day recently completed a study where he surveyed 1,491 freelancers in 50 different fields and professions. In his study he found most freelancers (90%) are happier now than they were before becoming self-employed. That’s HUGE! Here are more interesting findings from the study:

1. Most freelancers (55%) feel so strongly about their solo business that they wouldn’t even consider working as an employee, regardless of what the job paid or what it entailed. WOW!

2. In terms of “job security,” 58% of freelancers either strongly agree or moderately agree that they feel more secure today than they did working for someone else—a figure that contradicts the negativism much of the traditional media seem to want to attach to self-employment. In fact, only about 5% of freelancers strongly disagree with the idea that they’re more secure working for themselves than they are working for an employer.

3. It’s encouraging to see that almost half (49%) of the freelancers surveyed either have not been impacted by the economy or have felt only a very minor impact. Only 18% said that the impact of the economic downturn on their business has been significant.

4. The evening news may be filled with doom and gloom, but freelancers seem to be very optimistic about their business prospects over the next 12 months. 77% of respondents said that they are optimistic about what lies ahead. And 36% even said they are “extremely optimistic.”

The full study including even more interesting findings may be found here

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Have a Happy Day,

Kim and Kathy