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The year 2020 is shaping up to be big.  We’ve mentioned previously that predictions are that by 2020, Independent Workers will be the majority.  Office Team  interviewed leading futurists, technology specialists and workplace experts to release a study: Office of the Future 2020.  Not only is how we work changing, where we work will look very different in the future.

Workers in the 2013 information economy already know they can tap-in from almost anywhere. Home offices are a necessity and coffee houses are constantly buzzing. Our phones make it possible to keep in touch with work – anywhere, any time.

The increase of co-working spaces is evidence the Independent Workforce is growing – and, the growth is global. Nearly 2,500 co-working spaces operate worldwide, according toDeskmag , up from 300 in 2008.  Corporations are also starting to really consider co-working as a viable place for their workforce. You don’t need to work at a corporate campus to be productive!

The following is from Office Team: Office of the Future 2020.

  • Emerging technologies will allow a company’s staff to work off–site with greater ease. Geographic location will matter less as businesses shift human and material resources around the globe in response to market opportunities.
  • Increasingly, companies will depend on temporary, instant “plug and play” offices that can be established wherever needed — in commercial spaces that are fully wired and readily adaptable to the needs of business tenants, for example.
  • The concept of going to work will be redefined as employees use portable, wireless tools to communicate from any location. For business, investment in technology will be offset by substantial savings on traditional overhead expenses such as leases, property taxes and facilities maintenance.
  • Ubiquitous wireless connectivity will permit people to easily collaborate with their colleagues. Advanced electronic communication devices will eliminate traditional time, distance and language barriers, facilitating communication and preventing lags in production.

You may find the complete study here  .  2020 –  Are you looking forward to it?