All Hands on Deck!

It’s surprising to me that several, major corporations have shifted away from allowing their employees to telecommute. The most recent is HP who is discouraging telecommuting and needs “all hands on deck”.  At the same time, we see the Independent Workforce growing – In part, because of a desire to have more flexibility and work/life balance.  Many are choosing this route over the security of a paycheck because time is becoming more valuable than money.

Independent Workers have mastered telecommuting.  They see drive time as a drain and make a living by being measured on results.  They work anywhere, anytime and love the freedom to do so.

Let’s take a look at these interesting telecommuting stats :

Two thirds of people want to work from home. 36% would choose it over a pay raise.

A poll of 1,500 technology professionals revealed that thirty-seven percent would take a pay cut of 10% if they could work from home.

Businesses lose $600 billion a year in workplace distractions.

IBM slashed real estate costs by $50 million. McKesson saves $2 million a year.

Cuts down on wasted meetings. Web-based meetings are better planned and more apt to stay on message

Expands the talent pool – Over 40% of employers are feeling the labor pinch; that will worsen as Boomers retire

38% of surveyed retirees indicated that being able to work seasonally or on an independent contractor basis would have encouraged them to delay retirement.

So, do you have to be in the office to have “all hands on deck”? When an Independent Worker signs a contract – all hands are on deck!  They are measured by results and paid by deliverables.  They love what they do and because of this are naturally more engaged and productive.

“Once considered just an HR strategy, innovative, successful companies including Fortune 500 firms have embraced results-based management and flexible work as an essential business strategy. They’ve learned that when they ignore the where, when, and how work
is done, and focus on results, their people are more productive, more creative, and more successful. What’s more, this new way of working allows companies to do more with less—less buildings, less pollution, less overtime, and less waste. Their employees are doing more with less too—less stress, less distractions, less commuting. For companies, that all translates into greater loyalty, engagement, and productivity.”
     – Results based Management, Telework Research Network
Perhaps the decision to eliminate telecommuting by these large corporations will only increase the movement of these individuals to the Independent Workforce. If you’re thinking of making the shift to working independently or you’re a business needing specialized talent, contact Kdragonfly .  We’ll have all hands on deck!