It’s Independence Day in November!

Did you hear?  It’s National Freelance Day in the UK. Listen to this from PCG: The Freelancers Association….

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has today sent a message to freelancers across the UK, calling them “the engine of our economy”.

The Prime Minister added his voice to the list of MP’s and business leaders who have backed freelancing in the lead up to National Freelancers Day on Thursday 21st November.

Mr. Cameron said:

“Our country owes a huge debt of gratitude to the thousands of men and women who have decided to make their living as freelancers and entrepreneurs. You have not only taken your own future into your own hands, but you are the engine of our economy and economic revival. Indeed, SMEs are the very lifeblood of our country and of local communities across the land.

“My very best wishes on National Freelancers’ Day.”

Way to go UK! This is huge. Not only is there a day set aside to celebrate freelancers, but government and business leaders have voiced their approval of the freelance economy.  They recognize the impact of freelancers on the economy instead of just focusing on jobs and job growth. (and non-compliance!)

As the independent workforce grows, the negative perception of freelancing is changing. In the past, freelancers were viewed as those who were unable to find a full-time job.  Several years ago if a recruiter saw “Consultant” listed on a resume, the term devalued the resume and it may be tossed to the side.

Not today. And Kdragonfly is leading the movement to change perceptions of individuals, businesses and government.

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Happy Freelance Day UK!