It’s my Business!

Nothing gets our blood pressure boiling quite like the attack on Independent Workers by State and Federal legislation. These Independent Workers (who, by the way are small businesses) contribute significantly to the growth of the US economy. However, the hammer continues to fall upon businesses who utilize Independent’s for their own business growth by a continual increase in state and federal classification audits and corresponding penalties.

A battle is brewing and Independents continue to grow.  Since the “end” of the recession, there has been an increase of more than 1.8 million sole proprietors. (or Independent Workers).  The work they produce accounts for $473 billion in personal income, or $1 of every $10 earned in the nation.

But here’s the good news, recently a national coalition called It’s my Business  launched to give a voice to the millions of Independent Workers who have decided to create their own destiny and contribute to the growth of the economy. At a time when businesses and workforce are transforming, it is crucial to raise awareness about the contributions independent contractors make to our economy.

Take Action  and share this coalition with your network.  Like them on facebook.  Go Team!