In addition to our employer packages, Gig Managers personally assist you to demystify the GURU and GIG experience

Do you wonder if your organization is compliant?  Are you overwhelmed with screening through GURU qualifications?  Compliance and screening  are just a few ways our team of GIG MANAGERS can assist.  GIG MANAGERS focus on finding compliant expertise so you are able to focus on accomplishing  project goals.


1099 PLACEMENT SERVICE (or Direct Placement) –  Having trouble finding specific skills for your project? Need a confidential search? We can help.  In addition to 1099 Placement we offer Direct – because we’re Gurus when it comes to placement!

COMPLIANCE ASSISTANCE – We can assist you with your Statement of Work, Provide Project Compliance Checks and Organizational Compliance Checks.

ONBOARDING – Overwhelmed with paperwork? Have you vetted the GURU to ensure compliance? Are they trustworthy? We can help.

SHARED SERVICE – This managed service aligns one, common resource over several organizations delivering resources and results in Administrative, Professional and Technical disciplines.

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