Frequently Asked Questions

What makes KDragonfly different from other Contracting websites?

Kdragonfly is a collaborative marketplace for Gurus to find resources and Employers to find project-based talent.  We provide market intelligence for the Independent worker and offer support.   We are powered by people and enabled by technology.  Our support is personal but you can follow the self-service model as well.  You pick!  Kdragonfly also recognizes the importance of 1099 Compliance and has built Vetting into our Guru Profile process.

Kdragonfly is powered by people. Gig Managers direct Guru searches and provide consulting services to businesses. Guru Coaches promote Gurus to businesses and provide consulting services to Gurus.

What is a Guru?

guru [goo r-oo, goo-roo] gʊˈru/  noun – Also known as; Independent or 1099 Contractor, Freelancer, Creative Professional, Self-employed Business Owner, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur : an individual who is in control of time and destiny : one who is happy and blends work with life : a person with knowledge or expertise: freedom

What is a Gig?

gig [gig] noun – Also known as;  project-based work : a cost-effective alternative to a full-time employee : a contract : a job : short-term, on-demand talent : desirable and meaningful work : temporary assignment : contingent work : a new way to work

I’m a Guru who needs to hire another Guru to help me with a project?

The beauty is you have choices.  You may network with other Gurus through the Elite membership or you may sign up as a Guru AND an Employer to post a Gig. You will maintain a separate Username and Password for each.

I don’t have time to search for Gurus but would like to post a Gig, is that an option?

Yes! You can control your own search or for an additional fee, KDragonfly will conduct the search for you.  Check out our products for more information.

How long will my Gig be posted?

30 days unless you delete or fill the Gig prior to the 30 days.


Will my contact information be sold to third parties?

Absolutely not.  We don’t want our information sold to a third party and we won’t sell yours!

Who will see my profile?

Your profile is viewable by businesses seeking Guru’s.  They can search for you if they have posted a Gig on KDragonfly.

What happens when I apply to a Gig?

Once you complete the form indicating your interest in a Gig, the Employer will be notified of your interest via email.  Should the Employer be interested in your qualifications or service, you will be contacted by the Employer directly.

Once I’ve found a Guru, how do I interact with them?

KDragonfly facilitates the connection through email notifications initiated through Kdragonfly’s website. You contact the Guru through the appropriate link on the Guru Search page. There is a “Contact” button to click. Communication including agreement and payment is handled directly between the Guru and the Employer. Should assistance be needed, a Gig Manager can assist.

I would like more personalized assistance.  How do I get that?

Start with our products pages for Gurus and Gigs and if you don’t see what you want there just contact us at  We are happy to help you!