Why is vetting important and what is it?

Vetting is important to both the business and the Guru for many reasons.  Let’s start by explaining what Vetting means and then discuss why it’s helpful to all of us!


What is Vetting?  Wikipedia’s definition is :  Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment, conferring an award, etc.  A prospective person or project may be vetted before making a hiring decision. In addition, in intelligence gatheringassets are vetted to determine their usefulness.

KDragonfly uses vetting to determine if a Guru actually meets the compliance checks as an Independent Contractor and isn’t just using  contracting as a way to get paid vs. W-2.

When a Guru signs up with KDragonfly they go through a self-vetting questionnaire.  It’s optional but it helps to bring the awareness to all.  KDragonfly also offers a vetting service.  This is  validated check that includes several steps to insure compliance and reduce business risk.

Here are some ways we do this:

1) We check to see if a business website or other advertising methods exist

2) We check to see if the 1099 contractor is registered with the State and a Tax ID Number exists

3) We check to see if the 1099 contractor has liability insurance

4) We check references or recommendations on former completed projects

5) We review the vetting questionnaire for completeness and accuracy


Why is this important to the contractor and / or the business?  

It’s important to make sure that you are working in a compliant manner.  Businesses are looking to reduce their risk of working with misclassified workers and this is an additional step for the business and worker to help insure compliance.  Why?  Who Care?  Go through an audit and you won’t’ be asking that question.  The misclassification penalties are stiff and our goal is to help with proactive avoidance and long term compliance.